Create Scheme and set Views


I want create a new Scheme

I’ve read this link

So, I create the Scheme with a shortcut, but I want define the disposition of the views as three views and renderer all views.

This configuration isn’t saved in the scheme, and I’d like , when the user run the shortcut, Rhino will be loaded  with this configuration


Create a template file that is configured the way you want - 3 view, rendered, etc.

Then, set this template file to be the default template file (Tools -> Options -> Files)

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Hi again,

I’m trying add a new tab and a new button in the new scheme.

I’ve created a new rui file with the tab and button, but when I run rhino with the scheme this rui isn’t loaded

I’ve read that I need override the default rui, but I’m doing an installer, so the path

C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\UI folder

the parameter is different, and I can’t override the default rui.


If you give the RUI file the exact same name as the plug-in RHP file and install it in the folder containing the RHP file (or its parent folder) Rhino will automatically stage it in a writable location and open it at startup.

Does this help?

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Ok, Thanks again