RUI FILE... Settings


Is there a method to save all rhino settings?

The RUI file contains Rhino toolbars (there is a .rui file for each toolbar collection).
In the past (some years ago) I used Rhino Schemes to export all the settings from a pc to another… at the moment I don’t remember if there is a better way.

Some options can be exported individually like Display Modes or Aliases (you can find the “export” button in Rhino options).

I just copy the Rui from the %Appdata%/mcneel folder, I usually separate my own toolbars from the default one, in case receive an update for some toolbars (I had a case with the subD, when I missed Mcneel’s updates related to Sub)

so, on my cloud drive I usually save into 3 folders: - 1) Rhino options, 2) Visual Styles and 3) Toolbars I can restore them in 5 minutes in case I need to work on a separate machine.