Rhino Dark theme RUI file

SIDEBAR HEAVEN DARK theme.rui (12.9 MB)
not sure if ive done this right, but this SHOULD be the rhino dark theme ive been working on recently, would be interesting to see if it works any better than the standard interface layout.

Hi Michael - the rui file itself may not do the job - you probably need OptionsExport to save off all the custom UI colors.


Hi Pascal
and then post both files or will it export the colors and toolbars as one file?

Hi Michael - I’d think you need to post the ini file from OptionsExport (less any aliases or secret stuff you don’t want to share) and the RUI and hope for the best. It really is not that straightforward is it?


Hi Pascal
i think it just got a little prohibitive :), that does seem overly complex and restrictive just to share a layout.

We have a lot of Rhino installs spanning 3 countries. To share my custom UI I just export the registry key:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0x64\Scheme: Default]

and the .rui file.

All the user does is double click the .reg file and load the .rui.

Doing this makes all of the Rhino installs look exactly like mine (which is the “master copy”).


Hi Dan
Excuse my ignorance but the registry is something I’ve always avoided, so I have the ‘Scheme Default’ Key and i also have a ‘Scheme MyNewScheme’ key, which one do I post, I’m Guessing its the second one but I’d rather be sure.

I use “Scheme: Default” as shown above. I don’t even have a Scheme: MyNewScheme key.

Hi. I was searching for dark theme for Rhino and I saw your post. Can you please share the .rui file and registry key? I am using Rhino 7.

Rhino 7 doesn’t work that way. If you want to save or distribute your configuration you need to save these files:


Hope this helps,


Edited to add: I don’t use a dark theme.

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