Create multiple families with "New component family"

I’m trying to create multiple families with the “New component family” component. I have a tree with 3 branches, each contain a list of some geometry. I would like to create a separate family for each of these branches.

I have tried a number of graft/simplify/flatten combinations, but I just can’t figure it out:

In this example I have 3 branches, but I actually have around 100 of these. So just to recap, I basically want to do a for loop with “New component family” to create a number of families with different geometry.

Matching Tee Branches is the way to go (12.6 KB)


Thank you! I was tunnel-visioning on the geometry :man_facepalming:

I was just having a similar problem. I had 2 elements coming together to make a family. Add the second one and it would delete the first when it should have just been 2 elements in the 1 family.

I pushed the list levels to match and BOOM, it worked.

Why is that?

Flattening the input to Geometry should insure that only 1 family is created.

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That fixed it. Thanks Japhy