Set multiple family component types in the family file

How to use the RIR plug-in to create each geometric component in the family as a separate family type while creating a new Revit family file

Multiple geometric objects are created based on the material layer in the Rhino file, and they are to be created as Revit family components.

However, these components can only be created as separate multiple Revit families of different categories, but not as multiple types of family components under one family category.

Is there any method in the RIR plug-in to set different types of multiple family components when creating a new Revit family file?
test.3dm (98.5 KB) (37.7 KB)

To clarify, you want seperate Families in different Categories, not a Single Family with multiple Categories. What determines the Category, user text?

I don’t want multiple separate families now, but I want to merge all the components into one family. I want a single family with multiple categories. How can I achieve this?

The categories here use the regular model.

This is the node created by the type name as shown.

I want to create different geometric objects in Rhino into the same family file, and be able to create, set and adjust their parameter values in the Revit project file. Is this possible?

Just like the family in the picture, there are multiple types in it. Each type corresponds to a geometric object in Rhino. You can add instances of each type of this family in the Revit project file according to the positional relationship between the geometric object in Rhino and the origin. With the components placed in place, can such an operation be achieved?

Some aspects of what you are asking for are possible in Revit, such as Nested Shared Families of different Categories that could be locked to Reference Planes in the host families and subsequently driven by parameters.

However these would need to manually created in Revit.

The Rhino.Inside.Revit plugin is a low-code approach and not suited for intricate family building.

How to convert multiple geometric objects in Rhino to corresponding components in Revit project files?

You will need to Graft your inputs appropriately.