Separate Revit Families from Rhino Geometry?

Hi guys, so Have some geometry in Rhino that I need to create separate families from in Revit.
I tried my best, I am able to create the families, while some are done successfully, others are just empty? what am I doing wrong?

Btw. when I bring them in as DirectShape. the corresponding parts that seem to be missing seem to come as meshes and not “clean” geometry.

Thank you!



Btw: Geometry comes as an editable form in Revit that we can assign material and parameters to, additional kudos for that, it’s fantastic

Hey @arek.keshishian
May I know why are you trying to convert each slice into an independent Revit family?

I wanna have the ability to schedule them as separate items/families in Revit, maybe pull off exploded axons and coordinate them with the rest of the model. In any case, I might have even more complicated non planar parts in the future and having them as sep. families will be valuable. And by the way, as I said in the post, it doesn’t bring the goemetry in as a whole properly either, parts that are missing here are meshed when I bring it in as a direct mesh.

Yeah the geometry convertor still has issues mostly related to Revit tolerance and other bugs. We are working on that. Once that is fixed you should be able to consistently generate unique families for each slice.

Right! Thanks!

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