Nested families with Rhino.inside


I’m trying to create a family with multiple families using rhino.inside Revit. So far I’m able to create a family type with geometry from Rhino and load that into Revit using the component “” and “family.saveAs” and it works fine.
But it could be great if it’s possible to create nested families through grasshopper and further into Revit instead of loading a family into a family manually.

My question is:
Is it possible to create a family with Rhino.inside that contains multiple families?

I tried to use “” and connect to already existing families but i wont accept it as valid geometry input.

Many thanks.

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Hi Kristen,

Unfortunately this is still not possible using the components we provide.
I added this request to the Issues list at GitHub.

Thanks for your request.


Okay, thanks for fast reply (: