Nested families with Rhino.inside


I’m trying to create a family with multiple families using rhino.inside Revit. So far I’m able to create a family type with geometry from Rhino and load that into Revit using the component “” and “family.saveAs” and it works fine.
But it could be great if it’s possible to create nested families through grasshopper and further into Revit instead of loading a family into a family manually.

My question is:
Is it possible to create a family with Rhino.inside that contains multiple families?

I tried to use “” and connect to already existing families but i wont accept it as valid geometry input.

Many thanks.

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Hi Kristen,

Unfortunately this is still not possible using the components we provide.
I added this request to the Issues list at GitHub.

Thanks for your request.


Okay, thanks for fast reply (:

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@kike Plus one on this. This would be a really great feature.

Adding a Nested Family to an existing Family implies accessing particular workplanes, references (edge, surface, point) on existing geometry and the added Family, and associating new or existing instance/type parameters. Is this how you see it as well?

Rhino.Inside.Revit is great for controlling these parameters, but would require particular scripts to be developed in each Family>Nested family creation. Not exactly a fluent workflow to generate programmatically in a general context.

Hi, Japhy. I think this can be done by adding a Family Type input and Insertion Plane input in the New Component Family. I’ve made a script cluster that converts blocks into families in Revit by using the RIR components and have been using it quite heavily this past year. In my script cluster, my line of thinking to make it work when it’s added is as follows: 1.) Explode the block geometry. 2.) Filter nested blocks from regular geometry. 3.) Plug in the regular geometry in the Geometry input of the component. 4.) Plug in the already existing Family Types(Either Manually created by using step 3 or Referencing already existing Family types in the document) in the proposed Family Type input of the component. 5.) And finally plugging in the planes to the proposed Family Plane input of the component. Adding this feature would speed up our transfer designs to Revit.

One possible roadblock I see is the duplication of Nested blocks. For example, I use a block and nest it as a part or piece of other blocks, say a screw driver block, every time I try to create the new families that carry this nested block it would create many duplicate blocks in Revit. But I think this is solved by using a “tracking mode: enabled replace” option. Also I think maybe it would be beneficial to have some way of knowing if a Family Type has already been created in Rhino/Grasshopper. So that instead of re-creating a Nested Family over and over again, we could just have an option to reference already-existing family types to plug into the proposed new component input. I hope what I said made sense, haha.

Not entirely. I gather you would like to create Nested families from Nested Rhino blocks, which the feature request linked above would cover on a creation basis, the family insertion would be another aspect.

Ok. It’s interesting though how you guys are going about this feature request. Any updates on this?

If it was ‘low hanging fruit’ it would be in, bigger picture dev items tend to get priority.

What’s it like for accessing families within a family? I have a problem here where I want to find the location of the child family. But I can only locate the parent family.

Is there a way to have it read “further into” the family?

The images shows only the dock arrays showing, where really I could do with locating the actual docks within these families.

Apologies if this is high-jacking, but it felt like it was somewhat on topic.

If the nested Family is Shared you can use the Element Dependents component.

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Thanks for getting back so soon, that component seems to work for the first step. In my case going from what we can call the grandparent family to the parent, but once it gets to the child again it doesn’t seem to want to see it. Any more ideas would be welcome, I have attached the family in question.

Level Access Dock Array.rfa (580 KB)

You can uncheck shared (unless you need it) in the Array Family, but you will need to make the Level Access Dock family shared and load that into the Array Family then into a project to be able to get those items locations. .

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Brilliant thanks, I will have to go check with the team that this isn’t problematic for some other process in place, but baring that this will have solved that.

Is there any progress on that?

Its still an open feature request.

Nesting Families and attaching to various Reference Planes / Parameters is still going to fairly manual even with the feature request fulfilled.

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