Create Loop cut / Edge on surface

Hello dear community,

How do i create a loop cut to get an additional control edge on a surface or an object?

thanks a lot

regards david

Sorry, could you provide a sketch or a file that shows what you need?
I’m confused by your “loop cut” terminology.
Clearly, this means something specific to you.

Also, what problem would this solve for you?

I hope I am not out of place barging in here. As its been a while I will give it a go.
I believe the referenced loop cut comes from cinema 4D workflow.
In C4D cut tools, cut a polygon. Specifically a loop cut, cuts a series polygons around an object using a plane*. It is useful on adding extra objects to perform operations such as extrudes (create manual bevels or surface detailing). It is also very common in workflows for controlling subdivision surfaces.

This is from cinema4D manual, should be clearer than mine

Coming from polygon modelling, these tools are very efficient on creating quick detailing, working kinda like an extrude inner. ie: selecting a curve and pushing it inside the polysurface while leaving the edge in place.

If I am allowed to add, how would I go around recreating something like this?

  • Quick clarification in terms on naming. In the specific scenario of the requested loop cut the plane is defined by the selection of an existing edge. There is also a plane-cut command to do the same thing to an object using a plane as XY

This looks like a V7 WIP SubD question.
Do you own a purchased V6 license?
If so, you have access to the V7 WIP through the Serengeti category.

I am a new user and have been working almost exclusively with WIP because of the block developments. Unfortunately I havent ventured in SubD yet.

Hi thanks for answering
i didnt see you replying

i tried to find a good solution for creating this as in the screenshot

hi, have u found any solution to this? adding edge loops on solid polysurface i think should be a very good command