Extrude Face Cut

Something I just realized was possible and thought I would share. To the power users it’s probably old news, but if use SplitFace on the face of a polysurface with sub-object selection, then use extrude face on the split surface an move into the object it will cut it. Although seems to have a problem when you do it with the gumball+ctl, it still creates new surfaces, but the ‘ExtrudeSrf’ command works. Sweet.

You probably already know it, but you can also do the same thing in one steps using WireCut command.

True. Probably better although it would be 2 steps as you need to draw a cutting curve. I just always assumed that if I did an extrudeface on a surface it would add geometry whether it was part of a polysurface or not.

You can draw a line inside the command - check the command line options - and you can even macro it (I have WCL as Wirecut-Line)…


Sure enough you can. I guess I never notice that. Strange though there is no polyline option.

I use it all the time, and yes, I would add a wish to create both polylines and interpolated curves inside the command

It might be a bit cumbersome to add polyline and interpolate on-the-fly inside WireCut. Should the command support closed curves, curve degree, undo etc. @pascal, any thoughts?

Rather than add many different curve options, is it possible to add one option say, NewCurve and then allow any of Rhino’s curve drawing tools to make a temporary cutter? Seems cumbersome as well, but at least it will only be one option.


Do you mean to re-implement Rhino curve commands inside WireCut?

Hi Rajaa -I don’t know how you’d do it, but since I don’t see why any one type of curve is more desirable than any other, to use inside the command,I mean, I think (magically) allowing curve commands to run inside WireCut would be the way to accommodate all the inevitable wishes for yet another curve type to be added, and at the same time avoid a million individual options per curve type.


The problem is this leads us down the path of a lot of complexity for not that much added functionality… If you want to start to be able to create new geometry inside editing and other creation commands, the list becomes endless… Create a new curve inside Extrude, create a cutting surface inside of Boolean difference… Dunno… Would the added functionality offset the complexity ?


Yeah if you could do things like draw a circle you would be able to create holes on the fly instead of having to draw the curve first.

There already is the RoundHole command…

I completely agree- all I am saying is that if we are going to allow some types of curves it would make sense to just allow them all and be done with it.


I tend to feel that a line is a special case and is worth adding on the fly. If need to cut with other types of curves, they can be done in 2 steps.

Right- once you start adding more curve types there is no logical stopping point…


A couple things:

One, people all the time are asking for better direct editing in Rhino and here is specific example of how it could be improved (IMO) and the response as we have it is fine is somewhat disheartening.

Two, is also highlights the patchy nature of the Rhino interface. Having all these commands that are for specific scenarios but essentially do that same thing, make it harder for people to find the right command for the right task. Tools in my opinion should never be buried under a drop down and two fly outs. It’s ridiculous to think that people would go through those the steps every time just to activate a command. The tabs do help organize them better, but to be honest I rarely switch between tabs as I am constantly jumping between curves, solids and surfaces when modeling and to go up and switch tabs each time would be a waste of time.