Version 7 (7.1.20343.09492, 2020-12-08) bug report

Extruded two poly edges and attempted to trim a curve with them. No luck is this a bug or just not possible. I couldn’t select the polygon created by the extrusion to use as a cutting object.

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Hi Mike -

I’m afraid that this description alone doesn’t contain enough information for me to try to reproduce anything. Please post your 3dm file.

Wim, thanks for your answer. Here is the file. I think I understand the problem a little better. I have been switching between the standard and subD tools menus while working on this object. The function of the commands on the, “standard menu” seem to lag or function intermittently after returning from the subD tools menu. I had extruded these curves and when I went to select the surfaces that command created they would not select. during another session (after I had posted this thread) I had the same problem with the standard menu functions not selecting objects for commands. I hope this helps. Halo SUBd Rookie Sholder Pad.3dm (3.7 MB)

I was trying to trim the green
arc with the two extruded surfaces in green.

Hi Mike - one thing that may affect this: in Trim, there is a ‘UseApparentIntersections’ option - this only applies to trimming curves but (strangely, to my mind…) uses apparent intersections of trimming surface edges to trim curves. Turn that off and see if you get more expected results.

RH-58101 Trim, ApparentIntersection and edges