Use 3D Voronoi on a distorted face. Need to get it done today. Please help!

Hello everybody,

I recently tried to create a bubble shape with a 3D Voronoi Texture. I first created a simple box shape to try it out. And everything worked perfectly. Now I need to create that bubble pattern into a complex shape (An extruded patched surface (So it will be curves and no polylines that form that surface later on)). Because everything in this file is loading very long and nothing worked, I decided to go back into the box testing. For that, I just tried distorting the box to get the same effect. Now I noticed that my Nodetree is not working anymore. I do get the error messages from the pictures below:

Here is the same script with ones the cube and ones the distorted cube:

I am a beginner to Grasshopper, so it might be something simple here. I don’t know if these are the right nodes to do this kind of cutting, but that’s what I found when I searched the internet and this forum.
Thanks for your help! (13.0 KB)

I don’t entirely understand what you’re trying to do, but it seems like you might be able to do the distortion at the very end of the process instead of at the beginning.

Thanks for the quick answer!
So the masterplan looks something like this (I hope I don’t make it to complicated):
I have created a repeatable pattern that looks something like this:

Now I fill the repeatable pattern with the bubbles. For that I create a Voronoi over the complete filed of all 7 Tiles (otherwise it won’t be repeatable):

Then I say that all bubbles that don’t touch my repeatable pattern should be deleted
The end product looks like this:

The End Product is flat though:


But it should be rounded. And I changed the shape to this one over here:

Now I’d like to fill that shape with the bubbles as well. For that I need to cut the voronoi (it always comes as a box) because that is how the shape of the bubbles get created.
I found that script over here(Create 3D voronoi in irregular volume). And tried to use it for my purpose. But I do get error messages. I also heard of the plugin Dendro. Maybe that can help? I don’t know.

So in conclusion: I want to create that repeatable pattern that has a rounded shape with the bubbles inside. I need to cut the voronoi box shape into a own made curved shape:

My main script looks like this: (23.1 KB)

How can I distort the whole thing in the end. Do you habe a website or a video for me ?

I have had success using the transformation matrix from deforming a simplified object and then meanwhile building the more complicated geometry with the original, and then use that same matrix to deform the more complicated geometry.

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Bake the geometry and manually deform in Rhino with spine bend or something? Or do you need to do the whole process in Grasshopper?

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Thanks for the awnser. I Actually dont need to all do it in grasshopper. Could you show me how to manually deform the mesh, while still getting the repeatable pattern. Never used something like a spine or Lattice in Rhino. Thanks again!

Hey man. Thanks for the awnser. Sounds a little complicated. Could you show me how it works. I never really used deform tools in Rhino. Thanks again

Here is a simple version of this

Simple Transform (7.2 KB)

If you just want to add curvature to your final object, you can use the Bend Deform component in grasshopper. (27.3 KB)



Let’s use Gh properly with list management.

Now to the problem:

  1. Extract the bottom surface of the deformed tile and untrim it.
  2. Project the untrimmed deformed surface to the bottom of the voronoi.
  3. Morph the voronoi from the flat surface to the deformed one.

and now it flows perfectly in the same way. (24.9 KB)

side note: Your voronoi is thicker than your tile in the height, just make it same thickness (height) as the tile and the top will line up with the tile also.