Apply 3D Voronoi to Volume

Hello everyone, I’m relatively new to grasshopper. i try to use a 3d voronoi on a given volume. what I try to achieve you can see on the picture. I would like to apply this to different shapes and influence the cell size with attractors. Whats the best way to achieve this? anyone done something like this before?


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3rd post in this thread has a routine for making a closed Brep shape into a Voronoi:


thank you for the quick help. I will have a look

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You don’t exclusively need Voronoi here. Voronoi is splitting the space in volume. You want to connect points so can also use Proximity 3d.

There are also lot of discussion to have a gradient of density for the points. Just use the search of Goggle or Discourse.


Thanks for your answer! how can i adjust it to just fill the volume inside ? so that it is not sticking out the volume?

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Thanks for your answer! how can i adjust it to just fill the volume inside ? so that it is not just on the outer surface?

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how can i adjust it to just fill the volume inside ? so that it is not just on the outer surface?

You can just search the forum, this question has been asked / answered infinitely on this forum. Search feature is the little magnifying glass upper right of the page.


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Thanks for those links! Very helpful! This is exactly what I’m looking for!
I´m trying now to achieve a denser Voronoi in the areas with more details. (like eyes and nose)
In my book, the easiest way would be to add some attractor points to modify the density.
But I don´t fully understand the definitions. Could you please help me where and how to modify it?

From what i understand i need to modify the input for this guy?! Is this the right assumption?

3d voronoi (36.0 KB)

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Have they changed or updated it since this thread? Most likley but i cant find any way to make this rather basic thing in 2022 so i’ll just take a chance and ask here.

Im on a mac and im trying since 2 days to make anything close to the op first image. everything i download that i believe should work is missing components, i have installed sooooo many add ons for grasshopper but still theres always a white box representing a missing function.

Feels like the grasshopper is trolling me. Above here is one post with a green doughnut that shows the way i expected this to be done initially, ui-wize, a tool with inputs that creates the shape, the tool “make voronoi”. This does not seem to exist in my 2022 version/rh7/mac

Many other solutions look like they are the setup for making life on mars, 290 different tools and boxes connected is needed to create one voronoi? What am i missing? Am i missing IQ? In that case im truly fucked and i need to learn a simpler trade but i hope its something else : )


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If this is true, then why isn’t it infinitely easier for new users to figure out a solution that works flawlessly?

Where’s the list of the best solutions for actual ‘volumetric voronoi/delaunay’ etc.? Or better yet, where is the final draft Eto framework of said feature?

ikr :smiley: :sweat_smile: