Create 3D voronoi in irregular volume

When your pipes are thicker than the length of the shortest segment, they will intersect.

That means you needd to adjust the tolerance to cull points depending on the node size. (15.6 KB)


Ohh okey, i think you solve my problem, because my point is to do the structure with 80% solid and 20% ‘air’. Everytime when i was trying to increase node size, the structure got crazy, and i think now it’s okey.

Thank you so much, now i know, that i will get help in the future (maybe nearly), if i need it. (sorry for my english btw)

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You Sir are a goddammed genious and an awesomely helpful human! Thankyou so much for taking the time to show this! It even worked with wierd subd shapes, exactly what i have been trying to do for 3 days. I’ll go thru every step of your script and try to really understand what everything is doing… i’m just beginning with grasshopper and it seems to be able to do many cool things. Thanks again!

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@Radzikovsky another approach could be through dendro (Windows only) : (8.7 KB)

advantage here is that it doens’t matter if the input has overlapping stuff or not

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There’s also a chromodorid solution here for a similar problem Isosurface in the shape of a 3D object - #7 by dharman

Hello guys, i have next problem here. I used dendro, and do a lot of work, but after all i find another error. There is any way to fill my volumes inside? Because i need to print it 3D, and this is empty inside. Do you know some easy way? (7.9 KB)

@Radzikovsky You have a perfectly closed mesh, so printing succes will only depend on your printer.

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