Create 3D rooms?

Perhaps past the ability of revit, but we can get the room as a 3d object, so why not create one? would be a great function, cheers Ark

You can use the Add Room component to Create a Revit Room. Is this what you mean?

Hello @Japhy

thanks, but I would like to model an extrusion with an irregular footprint, and pass this into revit - will be useful for split levels for instance, or rooms not inclosable by separations lines and walls / ceilings / floors.

We can only create Rooms via the Revit API, which doesn’t support this particular workflow.

You can add Room Separation lines and a Room.

Hi @Japhy

I am getting this error on the add room component:

  1. RhinoInside.Revit.GH: Could not obtain valid UV point in this project from circuit.
  2. Transaction RolledBack and aborted.

I think 3d rooms are the only way forward on this, If there was a way to work it out?

Found this post, changing phase does not seem to correct the issue, have room sepeartion lines on level below, is the add room component bound to obey view depth / scope box of active plan level?

Thanks for all the support @Japhy

Can you post your curves and your About info on the version you’re running?