Create a Room

Is there a way to create and place a room in Revit using Rhino.Inside?

This is updated regularly as they update features going through the beta process.

It looks like the answer is No? Are there plans to be able to create (“Add”) Spatial Elements using Rhino Inside Revit?

Any particular components or features besides Add Room by Location that tickle your fancy?

I have created a user object for this. It creates a room from given list of points and a Level. It creates a room each time there is a change in the definition so best used with a Stream Filter. Until we have a native component, this can work.
Add Room.ghuser (6.1 KB)

The “Add Room” function is important, but I think it would be even easier to use if there were “Add Tag Room” and “Add Room Separation Line”.
For now, I am writing my own code to implement this, but I hope it will be implemented as standard.

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With latest daily build, Add Room, Add Area and Add Space components are added.