Setting a Cplane to a viewport?

I am trying to learn to use the Cplane and I have gone over the tutorial in the Level 1 training and I basically understand what the construction plane is. What I want to do in the attached file is to create a construction plane that runs diagonally between two legs on the table. I can set the Cplane in the perspective view. But how do I get to see that plane as a view as if I am looking perpendicular to that plane? Seems like I should have to connect a view somehow to the cplane. I’ve searched the help stuff but for some reason I seem to have difficulty. Help?river-table-2.3dm (126.4 KB)

Does _Plan command help after setting your CPlane?

As Jarek just said… you can use the Plan command to look the active Cplane in orthographic projection. If you’ll be reusing the Cplane you can save it in the Cplane toolbar group. Use SetView in conjunction with Cplane. You might also find the Named Cplanes panel helpful.

In Rhino Options -> Modeling aids, you will see there is a setting for Standard or Universal construction planes. When it is set to standard, setting a construction plane will not update the camera, and you need to use Plan, as Jarek said. If you change this to Universal, when you update the CPlane in one viewport, it will set the CPlane in all viewports, and update the camera in all viewports as well.

If you are saving and restoring CPlanes as Brian suggested, Named Views can also update CPlanes (You can check to see if you have this set under Rhino Options -> View -> Named Views), which can be a handy short cut for setting camera and CPlane at once. I would say though this shortcut is only useful if you prefer using Standard instead of Universal CPlanes.



Thanks, guys. It sounds like what I want to use is the universal construction planes.

Just don’t mess with 4 views period. Double click perspective and work in that view only using the C-plane to do as needed.

Well… I can see doing that, but I used the universal construction plane mode and it worked reasonably well for me. Sometimes it helps me to see where the point really is in the other views. I can see it will take me a long time to learn the ins and outs of Rhino. But so far, I’m succeeding in getting it to do mostly what I want with the help of the forum.