Corvette Stingray Concept 2009

This was one of my personal challenges some years ago. I was trying to get clean surfaces and deliver the edges to be solved with BlendSrf only, some of them works just fine, others not so much but it was usefull to learn and practice anyway.
Nowadays I m focusing on model a Camaro z28 2015, working with single span surfaces and more practising with rebuild and matchsrf and then, hopely, record a tutorial.

Modeling process:

Some renders made in keyshot recently:

The references I used were some random pictures of the web and photos of my Transformers Toy Sideswipe, there are some errors in the final result but if anyone is interested, this is the blueprint than I made:


Nice work indeed! Your renderer is? I did this original design with my hometown as a background in Flamingo Nxt. I must say, I doubt I could match the complexity of that which you have displayed. Terrific.

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really nice one. as I mentioned the renders were made in Keyshot, is a huge render engine and I still have a lot to learn and practice. If you have a chance, give it a look.
your render is awesome. I think that the background is too bright and maybe too big in comparison with the boat.

Excellent modeling and exceptional renders.

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the second shot,reminds me of batman

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