Critique of my work

Hi everyone,

I have been using Rhino for a few years in a hobby capacity and have never had any formal training. Would you mind critiquing some of my better work, i would like to advance and would love the chance to hear what more experienced users think.

Most of what i make is for 3d printing but i have been playing about with vray and really have enjoyed learning the ins and outs of rendering.



I really like the first diorama !

Hi thanks, all of the assets are mine except the copy pasted chairs and computer monitors i got from GrabCAD.

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Hey Daniel, these look fantastic! If my opinion holds any weight, I’d say you are doing really really well.

if you want to continue to grow your modeling skills I cannot recommend this series by Sky Greenawalt enough. I’ve been modeling for 30 years now and I STILL go back and reference this series.

It’s that good.

you clearly are enjoying yourself, keep it up!


I will second that recommendation.

Looking good Dan, and Im not just saying that because you posted a images of a shuttle from a well known show although Im a bit biased. Id say over all your modeling is looking clean and if your already 3d printing you are producing water tight models. The first two renders look good. The important thing to do going forward is keep going. The more you do the more you learn. Also push yourself to do things outside your comfort zone. You will be surprised just how much you learn about good modeling when you are doing something that forces you to learn better methods and habits.

Thank you for posting and I look forward to seeing more.


Hi Kyle, thanks so much. Iv watched the series more than once its easily the best resource iv found and was instrumental in weaning me off the “surface from a network of curves” command haha.


Hi Scott, the shuttle has been my latest work and pushed my surfacing beyond what iv done before, there are plenty of areas i could improve but at 1:350 scale i had to tell my self they would be imperceptible. thanks for the kind words.

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