Car modeling Showroom

Hi everyone, I would like to know if there is anyone in here who also model car for fun or work and share some of it.

Here some screenshots

Here some renders!

This last one is my favorite of this project.

Let’s see yours!


I would say the first two are my favorite. You are talented Alejandro.
I purchased your book and have began a model several times only to not have the time to keep going with it.
Nice work what you’ve done.I like your guitar videos as well.—-Mark

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Nicely done, that looks amazing :+1:

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Hey! a happy customer! thanks for your words Mark.

nice model, where do you fund it? Grabcad? haha

Hahaha they wish hahaha

Very nice indeed. What renderer? and how long to create the model?

Thanks! I’m not sure about how long it took me to model the car, but it certainly was more than 350 Hrs. I Used 3Ds Max and V-Ray.

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do u use any plugins for modeling? Would you be so kind to show your curves layout?
This model looks super clean!

Hi, no plugins used in this model. This model is part of my book project you can check all the info about it at

Thanks for your appreciation.


Thanks for the link! Great work!

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amazing work!!!

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Amazing work. Can I ask a favor? Can you put one of your rendered images first in your first message. The gallery will pick up.on that.

You can see the preview here:

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Thanks! I would but I can’t find the edit button anymore.

hi alejo your model is very pretty, your modeling is clearly clean I don’t know why I didn’t notice your work on the forum … :thinking: (it turns out I didn’t search the galleries well or the subject was old! I am also modeling a car you can watch on this link

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Is there an edit button at the top of the thread?

Love what you did with the CLIO looks clean and well distributed, love the gray clay render too.

I like what you’ve been doing with the CLIO. Now I’m waiting for the final renders

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There is in fact an edit button, but it says how many times the post have been edited and I can see the html code of the post but I’m not able to edit it.

I reverted a change, can you edit it now?