Copying V-ray materials from one file to the other

I have a file made in Rhino 5 + V-ray. There are many V-ray materials in there, I usually copied and pasted from one file to the other when I needed.
When I open the file in Rhino 6 + V-Ray Next, and then want to copy a polysurface with material on it, the polysurface is there,but the material is not v-ray material anymore. And I can’t edit them in Asset Editor…
The Asset Editor Materials is empty.
How can I import/load/open the materials from one file to the other?

I think this can happen when the VRay plug-in isn’t loaded. Check in Tools > Options > Plug-ins to make sure it is loaded. Right-click and select to load if it isn’t already.

VRay version?

Thank for your answer.
The plug-in is loaded, so it’s not the problem.

Now it’s the V-ray Next (Trial)
Version: 4.20.03

Sorry, i meant which version of Vray did you use to make the materials? (Rhino 5 + V-ray … )

It was made in V-Ray varsion: 1.50.22564
Some of them are self made, some are loaded as .vismat

V-Ray 1.x and 2.x are no longer supported as well as .vismat binary files.
We can upgrade 2.x scenes on the fly in most cases, but 1.x - I’m afraid we no longer support it

If you can export your materials as .vrmat or even .vismat there is a way to upgrade them with several standalone tools, and then you will be able to reapply them

Yes, I know, but I’m surprised that it’s not easier to switch from 1 to Next…
If I have a file where are 20 materials or more, I need to upload every one by one separately. Before I start actually using the Rhino and V-ray, I need to spend hours, to get where I finished :sob:

Only it could help to open the VfR1 setup per VfR2 and save it. Than VfR Next should read it.

Surprised? Well, 1.5 is more than a decade and multiple versions and updates of Vray ago. Lot has happened in the meantime. @Micha suggestion is your best bet.

Yes, you’re right. I missed a lot :see_no_evil:

Wow, it is an option… I need to check if I still have access to the old one. Thanks!