Copying Real Life camera view to Rhino/ Merging photo with rendering of geomtry

I have a 3D model of a large group of buildings in Rhino 6. I have taken a photo of the real life actual grounds where the building is to be situated, with a thing on the camera that records the accurate coordinates with the photo. The camera has a 50mm lens.

The photo is put into a software called WindPro, to establish the exact direction/target of each photos. Using a formula in excel i get a Y-coordinate for Rhino for my target.

Setting up my camera in Rhino, i know the exact Y-coordinate target, and my camera position i know from a map, and the Y-Coordinate from landscape contour lines + height of the tripod.

The problem is that when rendering out the geometry, it is constantly placed too high in the photo to make sense. Checking using other software shows where the high points should be, shows that moving the tiff rendering down, makes it accurate, However then its not accurate enough.

What could be wrong with my settings? I am also completely sure that my buildings have the correct, real life height. The file shows where the 3D model is sitting in the photo, and the on with opacity is where it should actually be sitting.


Hello - The cameras are unlikely to match exactly, Rhino’s and a real camera, I suppose - but your file is not attached to the post above - at least I cannot get at it - can you try that again?