Tools for photomanipulations renderings

I’m looking for a tool that can help with photomanipulations renderings, in particular with the reconstruction of the perspective of the photo to insert the modelled object easily and in a correct way like a “camera matching”… any suggestion?

I haven’t found a good way.

When I’m supplied with a photo with already straightened verticals, I use V-Ray RT to look around the scene with some placeholder objects and keep mashing Vertical Tilt button.


Yes, so do I. To progect a tool to help the recreation of the perspective of the photo with x,y,z axises could be a nice issue to solve for some programmer, unfortunately I haven’t the knowledge to do that…

Unfortunately, the management of the camera inside rhino is very basic. I do photomatching almost daily.

Normally the method to make a photomach is this:

  • Open image properties and save focal length equivalent to full frame format.
  • set the focal length of the rhino camera accordingly.
  • apply the image as a wallpaper.
  • in vray, set the output with the same proportions of the image, activate the safe frame.
  • Try to match the view between the 3D model and the background image, pray …

Usually there is never any correspondence for a simple reason,

The focal length that can be set on rhino changes depending on the format of the image that you decide to use, so if you put 50 mm with an image that has the exact proportions of a full frame sensor (3/2) you will have an exact match of the field of view, about 39 °.
But if you are using a cropped image, maybe with a very panoramic cut, even if you have set the correct focal length, you will never have a correct matching …

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