Overlay a Photo on Perspective Viewport?

I did some drone photography of a building site, and what I’m hoping to do is match my existing Rhino data to the perspective of the photos for renders. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to have a still image overlaid on top of my perspective viewport, and then rotate/pan/zoom my Rhino model so that it aligns as best as possible with the photograph. Has anyone cracked this nut?

Match Perspective Projection:
to be found here:

Not perfect but I had some success.
Pro-tip: check the image properties for the lens length and set the same in Rhino first. Things get easier when you fine tune image using 3D mouse running on the slowest speed.


You may want to try this little app: Download OnTopReplica (softpedia.com)
It works very well for the workflow you have described. You can set the transparency and in advanced options enable “Click Through” which will let you navigate your Rhino vport under the cloned window.