Rhino Camera Advanced Question

Hello everyone,

I am trying to do a script which might be weird. Pls check the pics below as to explain what I wanna do. In short, I am thinking a way to transform the edges of geometries to a plane, where the 2D edges will perfectly match their parents in 3D scene:

The middle plane is where I want the 2D edges(shown in blue-ish) to be projected from 3D geometries.

As you can tell, the blue-ish lines are mismatched somehow and I figured the issue might be my projecting 3D wireframes directly to the plane JUST by sole vector, the Normal of the camera point plane.

So, I guess there must be an equation to transform wireframes of 3D models to a certain plane, which in 3D view port they two can be perfectly matched?


Hi Lei,
If I understand your question correctly, the geometry shouldn’t be projecting along the normal of the camera point plane, but in a cone shape, down into the camera origin point.

The image you shared actually shows this shape - not as a cone but as a pyramid coming out of the camera.

(ie. Use “Extrude to Point” rather than “Extrude by Vector”)

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Maybe the scripts in this discussion can help, it sounds like you are trying to do the same thing:

Thanks porral, it works!

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