Rhino Camera settings


I’m making perspective with viewcapturetofile but the image becomes distorted and not all surfaces are included, I’m trying to play with camera settings but it doesn’t work. Any one has any idea?

Look is like you’re experiencing view clipping.

Have you tried using the _ShowCamera command to see if if you can spot the issue?

I didn’t set a camera, it is simply taken from perspective view.

There’s a camera behind every perspective view. You can see the perspective view camera in other viewports (included a second perspective viewport) by running the _ShowCamera command. I suspect the camera is intersecting your geometry.

Hello, I experience this regularly. I believe it has to do with large models.
I have sometimes sorted by approaching the model to the 0,0,0.
I have also noticed that sometimes when turning off the the ground plane the issue how away.
Sometimes I can’t get rid of it.
Would be great to get this sorted.

Here’s the Help article for the Camera command: