Copying from one Rhino file into another not working

I have some extruded curves I want to copy from one Rhino file to another, for the purpose of creating an axonometric view. I select the curves and then I use the _CopytoClipboard command in my main file.

However, when I go to the unsaved new file and attempt to Paste that copied info, nothing appears. I’m aware that what I’m copying is not at the XYZ origin 0,0,0, so thinking it’s just moved out of sight, I zoom out, select a massive area, but nothing shows up. Then I try Select All, and still nothing shows up.

So I went online to hunt for similar issues. Most of the advice seems to be, with Rhino 7 for Mac (Rhino 7, 7.1.20343.09492, build 2020-12-08), make sure you don’t use the command+C, but select Copy from the dropdown menu or use the _CopytoClipboard command. But I’m already doing that.

Is there a workaround for this issue? Or am I overlooking an easy fix? Thanks!

Here’s a screenshot of my main file, what I’m selecting, and the command I’m using.


Cmd+C and Cmd+V are working here in Rhino 7 running on macOS11. What macOS are you on? Use the command SystemInfo in Rhino 7 and you can reply with that here or email with it. Also include a sample 3dm file with what you are copying and pasting too in case there is something file specific going on here.

The command SelLast is a useful one too… use that and then the ZS macro to zoom to the last created objects which should be what was pasted.

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Is there a way to automate Copy geometry from one rhino file to Another Rhino file based on their Names or specific attributes?

It might be possible with Grasshopper or a script. I’d suggest making a new post on the forum with a sample file showing what you want to do exactly.

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Hello Brian,

I have created a post for the same here