Custom Script to Copy paste geometry from one rhino file to another file

Hello All,

I am looking for some help on how can I automate Copy paste events for geometry(breps, blocks) from one rhino file to Another Rhino file based on their Names or specific attributes? Would appreciate some example files for event handling for RhinoApp or using an external CPython script to do this.

Thank you for reading.

Sample psuedocode is as follows:

#Step0: Get ID’s of all active Rhino documents(Currently open Rhino files -minimum 2)
#Step1: Select the Rhino document ID to copy from
#Step2 :
#If ID == true:
#make it the active document
#Collect all the geometry by type( blocks,breps,etc)
#Store the geometry in a List
#Get User Attributes in a dictionary
#Step3: if GeoList and GeoAttribute != null:
#Trigger the event to select ID of another Rhino document ( to paste into)
#Ask User for the cursor point to paste the copied geometry
#Print(“Geometry successfully pasted copied from one file to another”)