Copy/Paste doesn't work

Copy-Paste doesn’t work in the new 5.3WIP132w

To be more specific, older file’s don’t copy paste.Basis Netje.3dm (50.3 KB)

Tested on El Capitan, it works perfectly.

  1. try the command copy and paste from the top menu bar.
  2. if it still does not work, try deleting the history of construction and try again.


The small Net works fine here on Sierra. :slight_smile:


I can copy/paste it in the same file, but when I want to paste it in a new file it doesn’t work.
Also not im Sierra.

That’'s what I did, well between two different files. I will check tonight, I have El Capitan at home. Dag

Try like this. 1) creates a solid (cuboid)
2) Select both objects
3) Copy
4) Paste into a new file.

second way

  1. moves the object
  2. Copy
  3. Paste into a new file

If the object is located on the center of the c plane XYZ, the copy paste to a new file will NOT work.

Well, all off the former solutions( thank you guys) don’t work.
And the strange thing is that after downloading Sierra I can’t even paste anything in a new file.
So I’m starting to think that the download maybe corrupt.

I made a new download but the problem remains.

Hi Martin - so far this works here, copying from your posted file and pasting in another, and back again. If you SelAll after the paste (to an empty file) does Rhino report any selection?


Hi Pascal,

I’m working now on my home computer the same problem occurs, I will attach the specs.
I did a SellAll after the paste but Rhino did not report any selection. What I’ve noticed is that in the menu bar, Tools lights up when I give the Paste command instead of Edit.


Works fine here …

Is the copy paste issue just keyboard commands or menu & keyboard? Is it just Rhino or other software as well?

Both- menu & keyboard.
Only Rhino.

What behavior are you seeing when you try this in the full, non-WIP version (5.2.4)? Is it working there? I’m trying to isolate whether or not this is specific to the RhinoWIP or not.

Also, can you please post the System Information you get when you navigate to RhinoWIP > About Rhinoceros > More Info… > Copy to clipboard ?

This is a good clue. I suspect that your keyboard shortcuts are changed and not what you expect.

In the menu Rhinoceros > Commands, select Default in the Command Sets section.

Pay attention to what command set was selected before you change it to Default.

Restart Rhino.

Did that fix copy/paste?

Hi Dan

Can’t open 5.2.4 now because it is blocked bij a developers program

I’ve made the changes, but with zero result.
An other thing what happend was when I made a Copy, opened a new file _Paste it, nothing happend.
But when I selected all after the Paste and Paste it again it worked.

Hi Dan-
Rhino software info.pdf (26.8 KB)

Here is the Info.

Hi Dan,

To avoid any mistakes.
The info I send you is from the computer at my work, which is running fine.
And Rhino 5.2.4 doesn’t have any of the problems like the WIP version, the Copy/Paste functions are ok.
The major problem I have now, is the Rhino 5.2.4 program running on the Mac at my house where I work on in the evening, the one I can’t open, I think due to a developers program which I had to download to open 5.2.4.
So thats the situation at the moment.

out of curiosity-- what happens if you try using the rhino commands CopyToClipboard and Paste?