Rhino and Paste between rhino files

I am unable to copy and paste objects between 2 rhino open rhino files. When I try to paste into the 2nd file it states there is nothing on the clipboard. I have 2 rhino files open at the same time. Any ideas?

I get this as well, but as far as I can tell this only happens when I use command C and command V, if I go through the scrolldown menu and click using the mouse it works…

PS am using rhino for mac

You are using Copy with Ctrl+C or from the Edit menu (not the Rhino Copy command that is under transforms)?
Does the command line say CopyToClipboard?
Are you sure something was copied? If you Ctrl+V back into the same file you copied from, do you get a duplicate object?


Hmmm. I am using the pull down menus. It will work as long as I have only one Rhino file open at a time. Thanks guys.

That’s odd. It should work no matter how many instances of Rhino you have open - it does here, in any case.