Copied Layout Corrupts Detail View Level Management

At this stage of the project I have encountered a frequent issue both in Model Space and in Detail Views: Mismatching Level Management. If the layout in this attached file is copied, the Detail Views will not retain the Level hide/show settings, and when they are reset to match by showing the Ground Floor only, lower parts of the Floor above will show. This comes and goes in model space but it occurs every time this layout is copied.
CopyOfLayoutWillNotDisplayLevelsProperly.3dm (19.9 MB)

Yes, the Cut plane and sections inside Details are turned off when copying a Layout. You need to activate the Cut Plane / Section again inside each desired Detail viewport of the new Layout.
This is something we will try to improve in future versions.

I assume you mean in the level manager. That doesn’t work in that project for me. The cut plane - if the icon shows that it’s actually active - doesn’t remove the slab far above it.

I’ve uploaded a project where the cutplane Icon is frozen in grey. It can’t be ativated. This is one of the types of corruption.

I can enable the cut plane in the project you uploaded. You need to click inside the Detail view to enable it.
Are you doing it differently?

I see now what you likely meant by the below: Before activating a Cutplane there are THREE methods necessary to enable a LEVEL - the desired level for an active Detail View has to be not only a) shown and b) activated but c) RE-SELECTED for the Cut Plane and Section to be available again. Only under certain circumstances (not sure which) is this reselection required. In fact I don’t ever recall having to select - even a first time - a Level along with the other two level activation methods. This exception under rare circumstances has taken me off guard several times and I now see how I’ve unknowingly gotten around it. I think it could be a confounding wrinkle for many users.

This only happens when copying layouts and this is what we will try to fix for future versions.

not on my system. I now realize that it will happen on level settings in any type of window (model or layout) I’ve tested it on, if a certain set of actions are undertaken, which copying a layout likely induces. All you have to do is select the “Building” level and click anywhere other than another level, and the “Cutplane” and “Align View” buttons are frozen. They should by default be available in the active view, I think. Here’s what does it:

I’m not sure if I get what you mean.
In this animated gif, are you working from the model space or from the Layout? Could you record it again in full screen?
If you don’t select a building or a level, you cannot enable the corresponding actions (cut plane on, align view to level, etc…). If you work from the page layout, you need to click inside the Detail to enable those options.

Yes, that’s what I meant. I worked with the Level Manager just fine for several weeks without recognizing this so when it happened I was unable to figure it out: Because the “checked” floor seems already to be selected it didn’t occur to me to select it. Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t figure it out.