Disappearing Level Cut

When I edit the boundaries of this detail past a certain point, the level-cut through the wall disappears and only an edge is shown - the view seems to have become corrupted.
That’s a copied detail view. The work-around was to start a new one from scratch.

Hi @djhg,

Could you send us the file? Which Rhino and VisualARQ versions are you using?

The display corrects itself if I close and reopen the project. And if I delete all my layouts and other detail windows from the project. I tried saving a version of the project for you, but the problem went away. I can still send the file if you like.

Hi @djhg,

Well, if it can be reproduced in the file you send us, it could be useful to see what is the problem. If it cannot be reproduced anymore, it is not necessary that you send it to us.