Copy Layout, remember Level settings

Hello! A smaller wish, but useful:
When a Detail or Layout is copied, VA should also copy all it’s Layer settings inside these (the toggles in the Level panel).
One would expect a copied layout to look exactly the same, but since all Levels are turned on then, it looks different.

Besides, a save/load/copy/paste mechanism for the Levels panel would help (I think it’s on your list already).

Hi @Eugen,

I could reproduce it copying a layout but not a detail. Can your reproduce it copying a detail? Could you send some information about it? I’ll add this wish to the list.

About this, I understand that you would like to copy and paste levels, but I don’t understand what you mean with save/load for levels. How would you like it to work?

Hello! I was wrong - copying Details on the same Layout does indeed also copy over the Level settings. I assumed this because copying the whole Layout does not.

Ok, these are different things actually.

  • One thing would be saving/restoring the Level visibility toggles, similar to what LayerStates do in Rhino. Would be helpful when one needs to jump between Level ‘sets’ during work, especially when there are many layers. Like I want to see level 0,1,2 at once, then again 40,41,42.
    This could already be realized by using different viewports (because they remember Level toggles), but you can only have so many viewports…
    These ‘sets’ should be saved with the file. Maybe they would even be copy/paste-able to another file.

  • Save the whole Level structure, load it into another scene. Would have needed this many times already. That’s what’s on your list already.

Thanks! (sorry for being a bit sloppy before)

Hi @Eugen,

Nice! I have just added it to the list.

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