Wish: "SaveLayoutView" or something

Layouts are great at the time I make them, but when I go back in a few weeks (after hiding layers/objects) they never look the same and I have to do a lot of reverse-engineering to get them back to the original. Half the time, I just delete the layout and make another one from scratch. It would be great if I could right-click on the tab and select SaveLayoutView and then recall the “saved” layer visibility.


For details in layouts you should be using the layer on/off status for the detail - not for the model space. Of course, if you add layers afterwards this doesn’t help all that much. There is a wish in the system to have layers turned off by default for new layers in existing details.

I do keep track of the details’ layers, but the objects themselves (and their model space layers) are constantly being hidden/shown. So even when I have the correct details visible, there’s not always the desired objects visible.

I’m not sure we’re on the same page - if we aren’t: sorry :wink:
I am not talking about the layers on which the details reside. You can turn off the layer an object is on just for one detail.

This is the layer manager when you are in model space:

And this is the same layer manager when a detail is active:

So you need to turn off the object’s layer in the Detail On column.

Interesting - I’ve never explored that column. Thanks!

However, it is not possible to leave “Detail On” or “Layout On” while the Layer visibility is set to Off. My wish is to have all layer and object visibility settings recorded and then recalled which would override the Layer visibility setting.

Hi Declan - does LayerStateManager help here?


Hi guys & gals,

I’m revisiting this after spending some time getting acquainted with the LayerState Manager. I’ll describe my application first:

I have written a script (with the help of this forum) that I can run from inside any .3dm to archive parts based on their manufacturing stage, and then import corresponding layouts to create blueprints.

I created ALL of the layouts (say, “Stage 1”, “Stage 2”, “Stage 3” etc) inside a master “Template” file, in which I can set the per-detail visibility. In this master file, the detail visibility behave nicely, because the other layouts/layers are present and recognized as “detail OFF”.

If I export these layouts individually, these “detail OFF” settings are forgotten, since they are exported into a new .3dm - even if the layer names are the same as the master “Template” file.

SO, I tried to run the LayerState manager, but it seems to only set detail visibility as a snapshot - it doesn’t apply visibility settings to the details themselves. If I originally had Layout “Stage 1” details all set to display only items on the “Stage 1 parts” layer (hide “Stage 2 parts” etc). But after importing both layouts into a new .3dm and using LayerState Manager, the detail properties don’t go back to what I expect.

This was a bit rambly, sorry. Is it clear what I’m getting at?

*******UPDATE: I’m trying a version where all layers in the “Template” are saved with each Layout. Then, all of those layers’ Detail On/Off settings are kept.