Move UVN in SubD (Rhino7)

Hi, I’m trying to move the Control point of a SubD surface with the “UVN Move” Normal slider , it moves nicely but the selection is not released only when I use the Escape Button it releases the selection but doen’t keep the normal move & go back to the original SubD
Is it a bug or it shoudn’t work


Hi @emquies
Turn on the control points and use MoveUVN on those instead - that works.
HTH, Jakob


I have same problem , this is workflow :

1 i press F10 to turn on points on SUB D

2 I select the point or points to be edited

3 i use moveuvn command and act for istance on N slider

4 i close moveuvn window and SUB D maintain the modification ( control points are still on )
5 i press esc to hide control points and SUBD goes back to its original position , there is no way to maintain the modification

NOTE : if control points are moved with gumbal instead of moveuvn command when i turn off the points the modification is not lost

this looks like a bug to me.

help needed , thanks

Hello- I do not see this here so far - can you post your example file?


Hi and sorry for late reply,
I have found the reason ( bug ? ) : when i move 1 or more points along N by using moveuvn command , if these points are placed along simmetry line and if reflect is ON the subd update temporary according to N cursor input but as soon as i quit the moveuvn command the subd goes back to previous shape.

if i turn off reflect and make same procedure by using moveuvn N cursor on certer control points the modification is not lost once i quit the moveuvn command.

I think that when reflect is ON the moveuvn should still work same as when reflect is OFF.

thanks in advance for checking it.


Hello - as far as I can see this works here - is this an example of what you are asking about?

SubDReflectMoveUVN.3dm (351.1 KB)


HI Pascal and thanks for the answer , you are right , now i am not longer able to reproduce the problem , please let me apologize.


(mac, v7.17)
it is a pity, that _pointsOn is required.
it would be really nice if selection of Edge / Face (Ring) would allow to moveUVN (without selecting the corresponding cvs).