Control Z, C, V disabled

I’ve run into a strange issue after having had a couple of Rhino plugins installed on machine. I’m unsure which of these plugins is causing the issue or if it is indeed related, hence my inquiry here.
Essentially hitting control C, control V, control Y, or control Z is ignored by Rhino and fails to issue the copy, paste, redo, or undo commands. The control key continues to function as it a keyboard shortcut can be made in Rhino Options–> keyboard and it works as it should.
Any thoughts on what might be causing these key sequences to be ignored?

I’m running Rhino for windows Version 5 SR14 64-bit

Plugins loaded include RhinoTerrain, Rhino CAM, and Vray.

Any insight into what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jacob - the process is to first disable all of these plug-ins in Options>Plug-ins page, then restart Rhino, and see if the problem is gone, then enable and load these one at a time , maybe restarting Rhino for each, and see which , if any, of the plug-ins can be associated with the bad behavior…


Thanks Pascal. I’ve disabled all plugins and still have the same behavior.
Other thoughts?

Hi Jacob - the bigger hammer way is to start Rhino in Safe Mode

To open Rhino in safe mode
On the Windows Start button, under Programs, select Rhinoceros in Safe Mode.

and see how it behaves.

Are you sure you got all non-default plug-ins disabled? Grasshopper, for instance?


Same problem in Safe Mode - no plugins at all.

Thanks for your help. You got me digging a little deeper and it’s not just a rhino problem. My admin must have made a registry change or something because it it’s working in other apps as well. I’ll dig further and update here when I have a solution.

@Jacob_Mitchell - hmmm- can you verify that Options > Keyboard actually has these macros assigned to these key combos…


Sorry I got confused. Yes! That’s it. Somehow all of the keyboard macros got erased. Is there a way for me to recover all the defaults?

Hi Jacob - there is a ‘restore defaults’ button at the bottom of that page - that should do it. BTW, what plug-ins did you install?
If you make custom settings for any of this stuff in Options, run OptionsExport to save it all off someplace as an ini (text) file.