Keyboard Shortcuts Bug

Hey Guys!

I have a problem with Rhino 6 keyboard shortcuts: I mostly use shortcuts based on the combination of the Crtl-key and a number or a letter (For example Crtl+1 starts the polyline command). Sometimes, when i start my pc and then Rhino, my shortcuts with numbers do not work, but these with letters still work. This seems to appear randomly and the only way to temporarily fix this is restarting rhino and my pc until it works again.
Additional Information: I do not use the numbers on the numpad; i run no other command while trying this; Caps lock is off; no Ctrl or Alt key on my keyboard is stuck; this bug happens on my pc, with different keyboards, as well as on my laptop

Has someone the same issue? Are there some ways to fix this?

I would be happy about your help. Greetings,

Hi Richard - that is a puzzler… to me. The next time this happens, leave Rhino open and locate this file:


and post it here or send to along with a link back to this topic.


Hey Pascal,

ok the next time this happens, I will post the file here. Today everything works fine.

Thank you and greetings,

Hey Pasca!
So after a month this bug happens again. settings-Scheme__Default.xml (49.1 KB) As you suggested, I attached the “settings-Scheme_Default.xml” of my Rhino 6. Thanks for your time and I hope you can make use of that.


I should add, that only my shortcuts for ctrl+1,2 and 3 doesn’t work this time. Every other number or letter works fine.

Hi Richard - thanks for sending this - was it grabbed with the malfunctioning Rhino still open? It looks to me like the shortcut key entries are legitimate in this file. I’m going to have to call in the bigger brains.

@richardhaverland - when these shortcuts fail, do they even appear in Options > Keyboard page?