Control Tab cycles through page tabs

I love the use of Ctrl-Tab to switch between view windows and primarily work in one view window maximised, usually Persp. If I need to see or do something in another view I’m there and back to Persp in a flash. However, when I start adding page layouts then I have to cycle through those tabs as well which upsets my rhythm. It bothers me to the point that I’ll delete page layout tabs which is a waste too. I guess what I would like is to be able to use Ctrl-Tab to rapidly cycle through the four view tabs and then go back to the first and not bother going through the layout tabs. Wish List?

Hi Jody -makes sense to me - maybe it should just pay attention to the space you are in - if in Model space, cycle the viewports, in a Layout, cycle the layouts.


I’m glad I spoke up. Stupid of me to throw out page layouts just because of my ingrained habit. Please put it on the list!

Your interpretation is spot on. I was thinking that there could be a seperator between the model space tabs at the bottom and the layout tabs.