Control points of transformation

Hello, if to create a sphere - that at it control points by means of which I can transform it will be available. Having created a surface by means of curves - control points are also available. However working with a surface I use different tools - control points become unavailable, writes “are not found”. How to return control points of a similar surface?


If you join 2 or more surfaces into what in Rhino is called a Polysurface, you won’t be able to turn on the control points.

So either explode the polysurface into its individual surfaces - and run the risk of moving its edges so that it won’t join up again - or use other commands to transform the polysurface (e.g. CageEdit, …).

It is clear. Thanks!

The most similar command I think is _SolidPtOn that lets you edit important points of the surfaces that are part of a polysurface.
But these points are not all the points of each surface.