Adding control points to solids

I am a total newbie to Rhino. I have the latest version of it. So far I know that control points can be added to surfaces. How can I add control points to a solid?

As you found out, the commands to do this on curves and surfaces do not work on polysurfaces. You will have to extract surfaces or explode the polysurface.

That said, you didn’t mention why you would want to do this and I have to guess that you need to deform an object. Deformation commands such as CageEdit and Flow will automatically add rows and columns of control points to the surfaces of the polysurface.

Thanks for telling me about cageedit. It’s exactly what I wanted. However, after I delete the cage, I lose the functionality. Well, obviously, there is an undo to help me. But still, is there a way to get those points back after the cage has been deleted or the object has been taken out of the cave?

No… The points belong to the cage objects, not the ‘captives’.