Turning on control point

Hi, My name is Jacob and I’m looking for a piece of advice or help.
I have created a model recently which is in solid form(closed surface), and I turned on control point with SolidPtOn command. However the control point is on only connection point not on the surface. Is there any command or ways to turn the control point on the surface too? please.

Hi Jacob -

You need to explode polysurfaces to be able to turn on the points of individual surfaces.

Hi Wim,

Thank you for the quick reply.
Is there any ways to turn on the points on the surface without exploding the Closed surface? please.

No, there is not. Control point editing of joined polysurfaces is most likely to pull apart edge trims and joins, which is why this function is not available.

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Hi Helvetosaur,

Thank you for the reply.