Control Point Snap, Panel Zoom in GH and Dimensioning complexity

Changes to the Fundemental Interface and Controls, have made some ambiguous tools not as useful as they once were.

When selecting multiple components, with a single click. One may click on an object and reveal its control points. Another selection window may then select some of those control points and render your selection criteria useless. The change in this simple aspect of the CAD, is a change that is costing me time, and frustration. (It might be me, but has this change been through an FMEA type management protocol?)

Also the new dimensioning system similarly is more complex - now it has justification, and I feel this will be off-putting for newcomers? You cant just drag one point, as with Rhino 5, it now has to be a couple of points that are often in close proximity.

My last complaint is about grasshopper panels. The justification and zoom-able editors, get in the way! Maybe its my field of vision… but it often takes me several attempts to alter a panel, either to open it up or move it.

When I spoke to John brock in 2011?? about the interface being really easy to use, I pleaded he kept it simple and that the core Rhino engine could stay the same? - So that it would continue to attract artists, creatives and the young. John then told me the original navigation, that I so loved / love - had been developed by a sole student…I do wonder that a single flag flyer could be why it was so clean>? : Can the intent of the control be kept simple? And although I know that you need to keep up with the Jones, and there is the Hierarchical aspect of design that makes it so complex, however isn’t there a better way in these fundamental cases?

NB I include GH quiz here as it is now part of Rhino now. (This orbital plugin like solver is how all other changes to Rhino could be made? Not interfering with the simple Nurbs modelling capabilities). So if I need to re issue this to the GH forum please let me know.

Hello - to turn off automatic points-on for selected curves and dimensions, see Options > Mouse page:


Thanks Pascal, It is to do with change and after using without the control points on - I am happy again with control point display.

However the new dimensioning is complex to use. Because there are more things to select and in combinations that are not necessarily intuitive? To move text on a leader you have to select two control points, and even then text justification can do something strange when trying to align to the left or right. Matching neighbouring leaders above or below.

It could just be a change thing… But I do feel the leader control is now a bit tricky to use and often I can’t leave the text aligned up with the above and below… with a snap that is.