UI Suggestion: F10 = SolidPtOn

In Rhino 6, as a bit of UI evolution, could not the same key be used for Curves as SolidPtOn?
Such as F10 on Windows?

What would you do for surfaces? --Mitch

The same thing.

Currently, we can turn on control points on both surfaces and curves with the same key, so why not polysurfaces?
To some degree the user has made a reality adjustment that they work the same, anyway.

It’s a new feature integration thing. It’s normal for developers not to UI integrate new features, both for testing, and because programming-wise, the three types of code for editing the three are vastly different.

SolidPtsOn a powerful and handy feature in a CAD program, as long as it’s used responsibly. Yes, users can mangle poly-surfaces with it, yet to think about it objectivly, the user just wants to edit nodes.

The rub occurs with surfaces though - these can have SolidPtOn and PointsOn - which should it be?


UX wise it makes perfect sense to me.

Pascal, can not the user choose what they select?
A surface, or a polysurface?

Hi Brenda- The question I have is, if the user selects a surface and hits that key - F10, what sort of points should be displayed on the surface, SolidPts, or surface control points?


Both in different color? It’d be nice to have a visual feedback on what kinda points we’re looking at anyway. Similar to ShowEdges? Have an option to switch between?

I use a script for this, if it’s a polysurface, it gets SolidPointsOn, otherwise it gets regular points on.

Sub allPointsOn()
Dim arrObjects, Object
arrObjects = Rhino.GetObjects("Select objects for control point display", 671200060, True, True, False)
if isNull(arrObjects) Then
	exit sub
End If
Rhino.EnableRedraw False
for each Object in arrObjects
	Rhino.SelectObject Object
	If rhino.IsPolysurface(Object) Then
		Rhino.Command "_noecho _SolidPtOn"
		Rhino.Command "_noecho _PointsOn"
	End If
Rhino.EnableRedraw True
End Sub

Yeah, I can imagine that all available types of points could come on for anything - curves could show edit and control points at the same time- in a simple enough scene that might be perfectly OK, not sure what to do in more complex scenes, or more complex curves, I have a feeling we might see wishes for separate controls again…Worth thinking about though.

But, for general use, the way things are in Rhino now, you still could not use this ‘command’ to turn on solid points for a surface. We’ve talked about doing exactly what Brenda suggests, but as it is now, surfaces are the odd man out that messes things up.


I agree with the “Odd Man Out,” but messed up is a little strong. I look at it as a possible next step.