Rhino 6 curves control points

In Rhino 6 many times, curves control points are shown far away from it’s original position.
For example, when 5 curves are meeting in the same point by their end points, Rhino 6 would show that meeting point at somewhere else than it’s original location.

When you zoom in , you cannot select the curve, then you zoom out to select it.

I find Rhino 5 was more stable for these tolerance issues.
Though I am working in Rhino 6 now.

Any advise or fixes, will be very helpful.

What service release are you on? This sounds like a graphical bug I encountered in the earlier service releases of rhino 6 but rarely encounter anymore. Also for me it was always purely graphical meaning underlying geometry and controlpoints were exactly where they should be when tested but looked like they were not

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OK. Yes, I am in my offline computer. Older service release of Rhino 6. So it is fixed now.
Thanks for letting me know.
I know it is just display issue. Still it confuse me big time.
Thanks for the reply.