Sergenti is moving in the wrong direction

It might be because one does not respond well to change. But changes to the interface and way Rhino works… is going to move away from the simplicity that brought everyone to Rhino.

  1. Control points visible when an item is selected, is off-putting. Control points should only become visible when they are going to be used as a choice. F10 is adequate. Short cutting this makes this visual cue confusing.

  2. A snap for box width would be good. I like the introduction of snap additions… but they need to be intuitive.


@sheridan Control points visible when selecting curves can be be disabled from your Rhino Options - Mouse section by deselecting the Turn on control points when selecting a curv, light or annotation check box. This will make it work as it has in the past.

Thanks Trav, I too was needing to know where to turn them off. Nice to know you can have it either way.—Mark

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Ive been using her more and they are a distraction, however I see its a move towards one click type of use… I think it should be tested before released as the workflow is of the utmost.

The intro of special snaps also may be a bit of a hand full… but I also see the appeal.

Change is hard to manage and I always think keep it simple is the best… but then technology changes this and with touch screen / Mac tracker pad… there is a need to change… Humph.

Thanks for response.