Constant crashes

I am very frustrated about constant crashes that have been happening for as long as Rhino for Mac has been out. It just keeps happening.

When I try to “File > Revert To > Browse All Versions …”, as soon as I pick a version that I want to revert to and click on “Restore”, the program crashes. This happens over and over and over again.

Then, when the program opens again, the program window has been resized to a very small window on my screen.

Any ideas how I can avoid these constant crashes…


Same thing here.
Open up a file > alter some things > revert to> and it crashes.
This only happend to the last two versions of Rhino Mac.



Do you save your files on an external drive?

No, I don’t.

It also happens here. I sent a report.
Rhino WIP 5E63w.

Zews I cannot find any crashes submitted to McNeel that have your email address. How can we identify crash reports that you have submitted?

Zsimon: I examined the crash reports you submitted and I think these crashes are fixed by the 5E78w WIP build.

Thank you Marlin
I’ve updated now. I’ll post here the results after using it for a couple of days.


I do not know how you can identify the crash reports that I have submitted. I have submitted dozens. I always fill in the window that pops up after a crash. I also enter my email address when I do this.

The text box inside that window always shows a whole lot of technical text that I assume relates to each crash episode.

I never go to the special website to report crashes anymore, because I have not been able to figure out how to file a crash report there. I forget the URL of the site, but I remember it to be very technical in nature. Crashes have to be reported in a very specific way. I can’t remember what was required, but I remember that I could not figure out how to do it properly.

I do not use a WIP version of Rhino. I use Version 5.3.2 (5D197)

Hi Marlin,

The program just crashed again. These are the windows that show up after a crash.

This is the first window I see. When I click on “Report…” this will open a new window that will then let me send a report to Apple. I usually do not do that.

When I then restart the program, this window shows up.

My name is already filled in in the name field. After I fill in the required remaining fields, I click on “Send to McNeel”. When the program starts again a “Thank You” message flashes briefly on the screen.

When the program runs again the size of the window has changed every time. It is now the size of one of the windows when in “Browse All Versions” mode.

I am surprised that you cannot see any crashes submitted by me, as I have done this at least a couple dozen times, as this is a constantly occurring crash.

I sent this one too.

Update. All attempts to recover previous versions of the files have been successful.
( 5E78w WIP)


I was looking for crash reports from you in the WIP crashes. I did find crash reports from you for version 5.3.2. These crashes seem random - they are all different and there is nothing in the crash report that clearly indicates a cause for the crash.

You say that these happen while using Browse All Versions. Using Browse All Versions does not crash when I test it. I have a file with lots of revisions, and did ten different Restores with 5.3.2 and none crashed.

For us to find a problem like this, we need to duplicate the crash. Do the crashes always happen when clicking Restore? Are there particular models that seem to crash, or does this happen with all models?

I’d like to get a copy of your preferences file to see if there is a particular setting you have that might make the crashes more likely. Use the ExportPreferences command to save a copy of your Rhino preferences, zip the .plist file, and then email the file to Thanks.