Rhino crashes upon creating file

Good evening,

This is the first time I am posting something on here, I hope this doesn’t double up with another thread but I couldn’t find any.

I had not been using Rhino 6 over a few weeks and I haven’t made any changes to my computer that could hint at why this issue showed up.

I can open old files of mine perfectly fine, and start the rhino launcher without the program crashing. However, whenever I try to create a new file or duplicate an existing file, rhino immediately crashes.

Did someone ever experienced something like this or have guesses about where this could come from?

Best regards


yes i have a same problem

Update your Mojave to 10.14.6
This will fix a major bug in the old builds in Mojave causing this problem.

I have a High Sierra i need her because Egpu with 1080. :slight_smile:

Hi @Yann and @petermasek-

Looks like we’re dealing with two completely different versions of Rhino here. Can you each post your crash dumps here so we can compare notes? That’s the contents of the crash report that is presented after Rhino crashes. (We are likely receiving @Yann’s if he is submitting them, but we’ve been having problems with the V7 processors lately so it would be handy to see @petermasek’s). Regardless, having both in front of us would be helpful.

That way we could see if we are dealing with the same crash or not.


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