Configure Bongo to use the Zoo

Can anyone advise how to configure Bongo to use the Zoo via automated method?

I have been able to do this with Rhino at install time and can get Bongo to install silently, but no luck getting the licensing method set. Standalone licensing is possible but have been unable to get the Zoo set via a script.

I can apply this when you load up the software manually but with 60 plus machines want to automate this.

Thanks for any advice.

This is Next Up on the Bongo developers to fix list.

@marika_almgren, where can I find a full list of expected features and fixes for Bongo 2.x?

Our issues tracker system is used for all our software and is open to the public. Here you can find all issues that have been fixed and a tentative release version for remaining items. Note that nothing is set in stone.

For Bongo:

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Any update on this? Would really like to automate assigning the licensing server!

In SR8 the problem should be fixed:

Do you have any info on how to apply the license server details unattended? It may of been fixed but I am unable to find any info on how?

Even details on where this information is stored would be great?


Instructions can be found here:

Thanks, works great!