Problem when Automating installation of Rhino 7

Following the steps in “Automating installation of Rhino 6” and passing the arguments "LICENSE_METHOD=ZOO","ZOO_SERVER=<my-server>" to the installer, which seem to be correctly reported in the installation log

[9998:5AA0][2020-09-02T14:33:01]i000: Setting string variable 'ZOO_SERVER' to value '<my-server>'
[9998:5AA0][2020-09-02T14:33:01]i000: Setting string variable 'LICENSE_METHOD' to value 'ZOO'
[9998:A1CC][2020-09-02T14:34:23]i410: Variable: LICENSE_KEY = *****
[9998:A1CC][2020-09-02T14:34:23]i410: Variable: LICENSE_METHOD = ZOO
[9998:A1CC][2020-09-02T14:34:23]i410: Variable: LICENSE_VALIDATION_CODE = *****
[9998:A1CC][2020-09-02T14:34:23]i410: Variable: ZOO_SERVER = <my-server>

After launching rhino I still get this window


I think the installer is still under development.
That’s why there is not published silent deployment instructions yet.

When we get closer to V7 release, then these instructions will be posted.


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