Rhino-5 / 6 Licensing HELP request to BONGO License manager(s)

Hi !
I have a Rhino-5 / 6 Licensing HELP request for BONGO License manager(s).
Could you respond by replying to an email ?
It SHOULD be on file starting with " cf_3DCAD ".
THERE via email I can provide my PURCHASED License Key code and any additional needed info.

Alternatively, I can participate in off-forum communication via ANY preferred method YOU select, if you’ll provide me a link with which to do so. I do NOT yet have a discrete email client installed so can NOT yet respond to EMAILING via embedded link on any BONGO “Contact Us” page .

I am returning to my CAD Design Service as an
Independent Product Designer
after a year’s hiatus -
non-Covid Illness and Moving our home (and my office) to a new home location and moving my RHINO Design Package to a newly purchased (refurbished) Computer.
BONGO is an indispensable tool as it
integrates intimately with my RHINO Modeler .

I am CURRENTLY using BOTH RH-6 (Bongo correctly installed and connected with my LICENSED RH-6) AND my LICENSED RH-5 , as I have some tools SPECIFIC to RH-5 I use for SOME of my MOST CRITICAL Modeling & Animation and need my BONGO-2 to run NATIVELY there, too , as it did on my PREVIOUS CAD Station .

Will this require a PREVIOUS version of BONGO-2 to run on BOTH RH-5 AND RH-6 as it did on my PREVIOUS CAD Station ?

Charles Fee

Bongo 2 requires the latest version of Rhino 5 (64-bit), 6 or 7 for Windows.

If you have Rhino 5 64-bit then the latest Bongo 2 installer will work.
The installer for Bongo 2 that supports 32-bit Rhino 5 is no longer available online. I can send you a link to that installer if you still need it.