Bongo release licence

Is there a way to release a Bongo license?

In our company, we have 1 Bongo license in our LAN-Zoo. When Person 1, who has Bongo installed, opens Rhino, Person 1 gets Bongo the license, even if he does not intend to use Bongo. When Person 2 wants to actually use Bongo, no license is available.
The only way to get the licence seems to be that Person 1 needs to close Rhino, and then Person 2 can open Rhino to retrieve the licence. Very often colleagues (not using Bongo) are not able to quickly close Rhino, so this is not a preferable solution.
The V-Ray plugin also has the option to release a license from a computer. The same solution would work fine for Bongo as well.

Bongo shouldn’t take up a license unless it’s getting called.
Are you able to send us a Bongo System Report file from a machine that’s taking up a Bongo license on startup?
You get the system report file by going to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Bongo 1.0
Riight click on the BongoSystemReport.exe file and choose Run as Administrator, save the file and send it to us, so we can have a look at it. You can send it to me at:

At the moment there isn’t a way to release the license once taken.
I’ll add a wish for it here:

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I apologize, 1 Bongo license translated in my head to Bongo 1 license… that’s why I sent you to the Bongo 1.0 folder.
Thank you for the System Report file.
Unfortunately in Bongo 2’s case. The plug-in will always load on startup (unless you manually check it not to load) and take the license, there’s no solution for that at the moment.
The developer will look into the case I just created and see if there’s a way to solve the problem.